The Plight



The Plight of Knights & Sights is a 3rd person cooperative platformer game where the two players do not see the same obstacles and platform. Communication is the key to progress through this game but ultimately not required.

Nominated in the 2018 Ubisoft Gamelab Competition for Best User ExperienceBest Game Design and Best Prototype

Level Breakdown

Level 1

  • Pressure-free environment to introduce the players to the game feel
  • Learning the movement system and jumps
  • Learning the different possible actions (Take objects/player, throw objects/player
  • Victory Conditions (Pressure Plates)

Level 2

  • Introduction to the movable box
  • Introduction to the aspect of asymmetrical visions and thus to cooperation portion of gameplay
  • Encouragement of communication
  • Vertical and linear level, to facilitate the understanding of the different platforming system. (Get used to coop platforming)

Level 3

  • Level is made in verticality to show more of the platforming aspect of the game. 
  • The player is encouraged to jump through the window to ensure learning impaired vision.
  • Additional pressure plate, to create an increased challenge

Level 4

  • Introduction to lava
  • The players are separated, so communication is most-likely required, because there is a hidden bridge and also a secret passage.
  • Encourage communication between the two players and Cooperation once again

Level 5

  • Introduction of the first enemy, the Ghost, which will create a nuisance for intra-gaming communication (The use of objects to mark invisible platforms) thus adding a challenge.
  • The players are completely separated
  • Voice communication is thus favoured to succeed given the physical separation and the newly added enemy (AI).

Level 6

  • Final Challenge
  • Incorporation of all of the different mechanics
  • Level seems large and non-linear to show its importance in terms of challenge

Crédits to Jesus Imery, Connor Young, Sabrina D’mello, Alexander Kozina, Vladimir de la Cruz and Nicole Lin.

Music themes and sounds by Medhat Hanbali

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